Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ok I'm better now... HEY! Memorial Day!

...some time in the sun, homey-path-ick meds and hot-and-sour soup was all I needed. Thanks, friends.

NOTHING will keep me in tonight. I've spent too much time here and I'm crawling the walls. The pool party was my pupu to tonight's Planet of the Drums at Lotusmynewfavoriteclub. We are *almost* calling Lotus the "new wave" by the way. Just saying:

Tomorrow at 10am sharp I'm catching a boat out to the sandbar. Where we are TOTALLY not allowed to "party" anymore after the craziness in '05. Remember?! If not I linked those photos below. Oh, sandbar. How we love you...

HERE you can relive the moments if for some reason you're not coming tomorrow. Or just because. It was definitely something we all treasured tho... we knew it wouldn't last. Here they are.

PS: I can not get my shots to upload. My cable connection is acting strange and sporadic and even though I spent years and years fixing shit like this I can't figure out what's up. Pics may be dfelayed til June 1st. Sorry :(