Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Helloooo Summer!

...oh who are we kidding. Summer is SO here. I mean, come on. All the college hotties are home. The pool parties at the Sheraton are in full swing. There was hell-a people at the sandbar. I'm tan. It's like 80 degrees out at 11am. SUMMER.

So listen I'm working SUPER hard on getting these two photo blog updates done. iJustine is now livestreaming on justin.tv tho so it's crazy hard to stay focused today. By the end of the day tho. Promise!

Highlights? OK!
cheese you can grill!

super bowl monday with lots of gimmicks!

gickr is back up! that means more sequences of nothing!

fun bobby was back at next door!

anton sighting!

plant of the drums was insane. fast and insane!

and don't think we didn't do sandbar over memorial day!!

last thing? kalima rules.