Sunday, May 27, 2007

First and Last Time...

...I'll ever complain on here.
So I'll get it all out now.
I'm SICK and it SUCKS.
I wiped my nose all through my interview at Visionary. Hacked myself to death in an intimate Kai vodka tasting. Coughed on Sakara's shoulder. Missed a Trolley pub crawl. Missed Natty Vibes's cd release.... you would think since I'm dying here at home that I would have plenty of time to do the weekly photo update. Hah. Every time I start it's too overwhelming and I just feel weak and get back in bed.

So today. When I'm finally feeling like I can at least handle the pool party at the Sheraton. I get out of bed. In to this cute bikini. Out to my car. Dead. The hybrid has 'decided' to crash. No more car. How do you translate misery into words in a blog? I know. With an old photo of the cat I tried to have last year: