Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Showdown...

[photo by rich kim] IS, after all, the second Saturday. I got the text for this competition's theme but totally forgot what it was. I know that brilliantairre Maui artist Joe Pa'a'hana is participating, and since the LOST people are back on island working they might have whipped something up too. Shane Cross? You in? Who else... Gerard? Rob? Well, in any case I always enjoy these. Get there early to get a good spot-- this thing fills up.

Also tonight-- Terren Zorne and Chris Cano are debuting their new party at Longhi's. Very posh stuff. Body painting, bottle service (recommended-- the booths at Longhi's are rad), checkered floor. Should be right.... and you always want to be at the first anything, right? Always always always the best one.