Sunday, September 9, 2007

DOWN time!

So Carlos is totally freaking me out. He is talking about all this blog stuff and archives and formats and I'm just thinking... are all these years and hours that I've invested going to be rolled into some lameo everyday wordblogspotpress plain jane blogroll yada yada that looks like every other blog in the world? No WAY! SUPERCW.COM is SPECIAL damn it. It's very personal and very heartfelt and even though when I look through all these archives I notice quite a bit of cheese, there is a sincere appreciation for everything I've been able to witness and lurk and distribute in this medium. It CAN'T be less than perfect.
You know what? I trust him. His other sites are very simple and elegant and he himself pretty much rules. I guess being so fiercely independent and in control of what I do for so long is what's creating all this hesitance. In actuality? I'm hyped! I think?
No, I am. It's gonna rule.

So will be down for the next 24-72 hours while the domain name is redirected. Be patient. Look at my old school blogs if you need a fix. For now...... it's all under construction.

You know something else... I mean, Amy for example. She is right there with me as far as seeing the new gen take over blog-and-age-wise. But, I'm freaking out because she has actually actually suggested that she may even stop blogging all together. This can't happen. Just because there are younger, more vibrant, more sleazy, more colorful, more talented, more intelligent, more whatever types creating their own domains doesn't mean that YOURS still isn't being tirelessly stalked for whatever personal reasons your readers have. Please just never stop. I vote yes to all the thirtysomething photo bloggers on the Interweb forever. Love, Christa.

OH! ps: don't think i don't have a bank of shots just waiting to be shown to you ver soon. including molly's crazycrazyfun80snight birthday party. SOON!