Friday, September 7, 2007

First Friday. You know the Deal.

Some special events are happening though. Mainly the "official" launch of Alex and Corey's site that you've heard me mention here and there. It's called "DoSomethingTonight" and it's pretty good. Most times the faces behind anything web or technology driven are NOT like this:

I don't know how they get anything done with it since they're always out partying but whatever man. It's the best resource that I've seen and totally unbiased. If you do any events and you haven't sent them the info go ahead and do that. Come by their launch party tonight too. They're really nice guys. They probably won't be sober tho. Just saying.

Later you can see the first ever MC battle at O Lounge at FLOW. Or see the portrait thing at Thirtyninehotel that I mentioned earlier this week. Or just stay at Next Door and check out Doc Martin. That's always a nice crowd.