Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anything you can do SHE can do better...

Nadine Kam is blogging! I'm hyped. It's called Fashion Tribe but trust me, I'm sure there will be tid bits from all sorts of arts and nightlife stuff in addition to the fashion scene. I see her everywhere and she is definitely one of my faves. Bookmark that ish!

Also this week, it's going to be a pretty jam packed weekend you guys. Get ready. The big ones? Downtowne, GroundUP, Skyline, and Russell Tanoue's finale for that model search thingie. I'll give you more details soon. As for TONIGHT! Hedwig, Commando, & Lyle Matsuura are all playing live at Next Door and it's 18nup so all you college kids (welcome back!) make sure you check it out.

Next door to Next Door at Bar 35 is their usual B rated classic sci-fi, monster/horror, Kung Fu night. Have a drink!

So last night's moon! I didn't know you could see it all the way in Vegas. Rad.