Monday, July 16, 2007

Public Enemy....

...was totally here a few years ago. Remember that? You might have missed it. Even though there was a ridiculously loyal fan base that turned out for this, I think the show was an overall miss but ONLY as far as profit goes. Ask Dave Hisaka, some people can stand to lose 50K here or there...but for the people that WERE at this show and WERE fans of Public Enemy it was an outstanding afternoon. Amazing even. I'll even stretch that and say it was the best show in terms of hip hop I've seen out here. Davie says it's the best show he's ever seen and he doesn't even LIKE hip hop.

The venue was perfect-- outdoors, plenty of room, bathrooms, choke parking. No bottleneck situations as far as entering or leaving. The vibe and energy of the crowd was top notch. Just a great well thought out plan. The only thing missing? PEOPLE. I seriously respect everyone in concert industry on Oahu. You never know what people will show up for. It's a gamble probably pretty much every time.

What got me on that? Oh, Jason's column mentioning Wu Tang's full lineup heading out here with Supernatural and Bone Thugs September 1st at the Blaisdell. Do they have enough Hawaii fans to fill that place? Will they actually buy tickets and show up? And WTF Living Legends?!?! WHY aren't you coming as well, you are part of the Rock the Bells but you can't make another trip to your 'second home' again? What's up. We love you... we THOUGHT you loved us. So anyway, ya there's no question that this will sell out. Right? RIGHT?

We'll see... I know I'm buying my ticket as soon as they go on sale just in case. You never know!