Saturday, July 14, 2007

One of the Seven Wonders....

...of the town, Miss Jeela Ongley and Ten are celebrating tonight. As are the rest of us. There's one heck of a lineup:
Paula Fuga
The Spacifics
Creed Chameleon
Giinko Marischino
Tassho Pearce
DJ Skid
Redeye Jedi (b-boys)
E.T. - SoulShifters, Circle of Fire
45 Revolver
Siq Records
Kids Klub
VJ Clintone
Jamal Kilowattz the Mongoose
B-boy Reunion
Enemy Anomaly
Kavet the Catalyst

Not to mention the circa '97 slideshow at 8pm. How amazing that these folks are going to take us back to that time with them. It's a journey I know I'll be taking for the first time, as I didn't 'necessarily' find my home here until like 6 years after that. This is going to be one special night people. See you there.