Monday, July 16, 2007

Dreary Weekend....

....on Oahu. Noticed a lot of people didn't do much. Myself included. DID manage a quick current-blockbuster-preview-sesh on Saturday. Here's the rundown:

Film: 1408
Time Spent Watching: about an hour
Verdict: VERY good. Filmed super nice, excellent script [I believe it's based on a Stephen King story?] and very good in terms of visuals and cast. We only left because it got too scary for me. I'm a wimp.

Film: Die Harder
Time Spent Watching: :15
Verdict: OK. I only left because we were watching from the front row and my neck started to hurt. It was at the part where the kid was like "I'm coming with you" so yes, very cliche, but funny, and Bruce Willis still looks damn good.

Film: Harry Potter
Time Spent Watching: :40
Verdict: Caught this AND the trailers. WHAT is with the blockbusters these days? They all looked not just lame but super lame. I feel for the masses. The previews were also not aligned with the audience, as they showed that Lindsay Lohan where she's insane and a stripper preview to 6 year olds. Nice job. Anyway, watched this one from the beginning to about :40 in... it was ok. I'm assuming it's very similar to the previous films. It was ok I guess. It's not my thing unfortunately. So we broke out. If you liked the other ones you'll probably like this one. That Hogwart school looks so fun tho. Serious. I wish they really had those.

Film: Transformers
Time Spent Watching: :05
Verdict: It's not a cartoon.... and it was awful. Caught it towards the end where the car monster was fighting/racing in what looked like the east LA river. Good for younger men I would imagine but it was NOT what I thought it would be. Bad bad bad.

Anyway, I have a weekly update for you as well. I just have to.... um... do it. Give me a minute. After work most likely. We'll see. Now that I 'officially' have a car that won't go it cuts down my fiddle-farting around town time.

Since you probably got used to seeing the highlights before the actual full-blogs I'll go ahead and start that. New tradition! *Sigh* it's nice to be able to do whatever I want.

Starting with last Tuesday. Der introduced supercrew to a new spot! It was hard to find at first.

Indie Rock Tuesdays... Ara has new hair!

If you're the one enjoying this gift bag, just know that it was mine. Thanks to Amy and Lia Sophia for giving it to me then getting me too martini'd to remember it, lol

Wine tasting at Du Vin with a taster that knows.

And finally-- don't think the rain stopped Art Spree from being the best Saturday ever.

Soon! Tonight even..... maybe :)