Monday, July 2, 2007

iPhone what??

...there was certainly hype about these. So I must go ahead and share my phone story. It's not really a story so much as a lesson. A life lesson.

BUT! Before I do I must tell you that my good friend and fellow lurkogropher across the pond Shad Lambert totally got an iphone. his take on the whole ordeal is my favorite on the interweb. It's the only blog entry worth reading. Woo.

So ya, remember the spots for those RZR phones waaaaay back before you ever saw one in person? Like, the commercial when the entire room folds into the palm of this lady's hand with super cool edgy music? Ya. I saw that... and I HAD to have that damn phone. Of course it wasn't going to be launched in the US until the end of the year so I ordered one from Europe for only about $150 extra. Totaling the phone out to be slightly more than what an iphone is retailing for today. Nice. Well I got the phone and was pretty hyped on it for the two months it was in my possession before getting stolen in the VIP room at the Pro Bowl party when me and Lloyd were both acting a fool dancing on the couches. Nevermind the money. That phone wasn't even AVAILABLE in the US yet. I quickly replaced it with an ebay version and went immediately to work making it my own at that bead store in Kaimuki with Olena.

If I was going to spend so much money and effort to have a one of a kind super hot not released yet phone I might was well put in the time to have a custom phone dangle no? Too bad THAT only lasted about two weeks too. Stupid semi-pocket capri pant fashion statements. If anyone who works at the Living Room wants to roger up that they found it ... I know it was like 2005 or something.. but I'll take it! That thing was cool.

FIVE phones later... I'm using the cheapo default phone from [hate my carrier so much I don't even want to give them a mention here]. The lesson here? Material possesions can suck it.

I'm going back to postcards.
Everyone send me your address.

ps: BEER OLYMPICS photos are up.