Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Don't You Just Love...

...TuesdayFridays?? So HOT. Burning up I am. Tonight is gonna be crazy. TELL me how fun added Fridays in the middle of the week are... Woo.

Tonight Kai Vodka is doing their thing at Pearl. The lychee flavor is so damn good you can actually drink it straight. Like, a real martini with only the vodka or whatever. Grown ups!!

Later on we're going to say hi to Cass at Du Vin [shhh, he doesn't know it yet] then scamper through Thirtyninehotel to wind down for two minutes with Newjass Quartet before checking out the Blue Geisha fashion show and whatever band is playing [ahem, update your page/site dudes] at Kaleidoscope. Fashion!

If I can find the time it's Waikiki man. Hopefully Lotus is open past 1am tonight cause it's on. HOT damn it's on.

Happy Friday/Tuesday.

OH WAIT! Special Announcement.... the Gym Class Heroes? They are actually pretty good. I checked out their CD because duh, we're gonna see them live here in a second and I'm a fan now. I highly recommend grabbing tickets to this.