Sunday, July 1, 2007

As 'Different Week' closes...

...there are a few things that I've learned. Mainly? A lot of things never change. It's nice to know there's options though. This is the best city I've ever lived in... and taking two steps to the right of my comfort zone has opened up even more beauty and richness. I'm surprised more people don't do it... but I can understand why too. I mean, we still wound up in our favorite spots as the evenings would wind down.

Some highlights:

first of all. i wore a hat. i never wear hats really. ok, it's not my hat, and it was only for a second. but ya. different. [ps: happy birthday kalima]

wine club at indigo is a very lively bunch.

i'm going to take lessons. i need them.

island hopping is good but don't take your phone.

people on kauai are very friendly. and fun.

and finally... don't mess with france. unless there is some sort of beer-chugging component. cause then you will beat france.

I gotta get my column uploaded... but the full blogs are ready!
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