Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stuff to do for Tuesday...

...and that totally is going to include looking at my photo blog update from the weekend. It's only on the 'space for now but hey, whatever works right? The 'real' site should be updated soon.

As far as life in the night goes, I say be different sometimes. Sure it's a small town and you can probably tell that I'm particular about sticking to what's good... even if good means pretty much Chinatown. Anna Bananas was totally where I got started when I first moved here. [and NO you can't see those blogs!]. Tonight is always up in the air since it's open tables but sometimes it's actually ridiculously fun. Let me know how it goes:

Ryan and Justin are still keeping it going at Thirtyninehotel with the jazz thing. There is also jazzy stuff at Indigo with Maria Remos. If you're into mellow-cruise and you want the good options... go to Chinatown, man. Then you can complete the evening with the Kaleidescope. THAT is a damn good party... and check out the flier they did. It's a coloring contest! No shit! The winner gets a t-shirt or something so hit up the admin closet not for multi colored highlighters and I'll see you there.