Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Quiksilva!

Ha ha I still remember when Maleko introduced me to you at 1739 like four [hundred] years ago and your hair was in cornrows. Maleks was like "This is Jason. He's not black." HAAHAAHHAHA. But ya. I was there at midnight when his real birthday was going down. So was Lovely Lucy. We'll all be going for round two tonight tho. Because 80s music is ridiculously fun to dance to.

What else what else. OH! I ran into Ryan Kinemaura last night after his Tuesday gig at Thirtyninehotel. He told me he's gonna be filling in for Makana tonight at Indigo. The jazz. The jazz.

There are other options for your Hump Day hop as well. Lurk the barely legals at the O Lounge. It's never not good. Unless your definition of 'good' is 'boring'. You can go to the Hanohano room early and drink these amazing specialty martinis and watch the sunset from waaaaaay up there. OOOh! You can go online and register for the 2007 Olympic Games. I'm totally serious. And I'll elaborate on that one in a later post. OH! Another fun internet lurk to check out is Nate Sherwood's update on the Transworld Skateboarding Awards. Boy was trashed. With a camera.

Anyway.... OH HEY! check out Ctrl
Alt Del's
coloring contest entry.: