Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Pie Day....


ok ok ok. Just want you to know that best possible option for you tonight is Anton Glamb at the Frequency party. This is at Thirtyninehotel tonight and here, in no particular order, are the reasons why I think you will enjoy it:
1. It's an Enterprise party. That means dancedancedancedance. It's super fun to dance sometimes.

2. It's at Thirtyninehotel. The last place you can 'technically' smoke. On that beautiful lanai.
3. Even if you don't particularly know or like Anton's music, it's a damn entertaining show. Trust me on this.

There ARE other options if you're just not feeling the downtown scene. I mean, Russ has a very successful going-on at Brew Moon for the barely legals. EnO is good for people who want to dress up. Same with the W. Also-- Grammy winner Little Louie Vega is at mynewfavoriteafterhours spot Lotus tonight. THAT ish is going til 6am too... Woo!

I'll be at thirtynine tho... where there's never a dress code or douchebag.

Happy Friday-Pie-Day!