Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tempo Valley and Paula Fuga...

...are offering their amazing talents tonight for Lacy's Teach One fund raiser. Although it's not mentioned in any of the press releases, she really needs people to donate children's slippers as well as school supplies. Come down at 7pm tonight with any sort of supplies for the children of Kamaile Elementary and pay a modest $5 to share pupus and talk story.

OH! and stop the presses! Anton Glamb is back on island!! I totally had a sighting last night. After a 'sort of' graduation from Columbia he is here to save all of us from music monotony and will be opening for Mickey Avalon next Wednesday at O Lounge. He is also rumored to have another show at Indigo's. I will most definitely keep you posted on THAT.

Last note? Flash, Molly and Payne? You guys were sooooo vodka'd last night! Haw haw. Thanks for the bottle, Lacy. It was a damn good time.