Monday, August 8, 2011

Valentino Garavani Shoes

Valentino shoes and boots are high end footwear of sophistication and elegance. And who would actually hesitate about that? Valentino Shoes and boots are offshoots of the high class fashion clothes brand that acquired its actual name from one of the experts of high couture: Valentino Garavani. 

The brand has advertised itself within the upper end of the luxury and fashion market. The Valentino brands consist of the following series: Valentino, Valentino Garavani, Valentino Roma and Red Valentino. All these series offer outstanding product lines that consist of designer, haute couture, diffusion, ready-to-wear as well as bridge sections. 

Valentino, which is in the business for more than 45 years, has been known to dress and stylize worldwide superstars from all over the world.

Valentino Garavani stilettos

The 2010 collection of Valentino will give him a new name in designer heels. These heels are elegant and are designed with a fairy tale theme with laces on the ankle which will bewitch the younger generation.

This design of shoes are similar to Ash Shoes – You’ll see what I mean when you visit their site: beautiful silk lace looks like an ostrich feather and it fits brilliantly on the heel. The shoes were created by London-based milliner Philip Treacy which thought of this amazing idea and made these elegant pieces with a precise craftsmanship and focus on young generation.