Friday, November 5, 2010

Short Update 4th Nov 2010

Yesterday planned to queue at Uniqlo, but I know we're late... cause me and my sister went there around 11:30am. When we reached there... we've no mood to queue anymore.. because it is very very very long queue! We went to had our breakfast+launch at Dome. Then, my sister had appointment at UM Faculty Dentistry around 3pm. I think to do braces for so so so long, but I not enough budget... I asked most of my friend who had do braces before... They told me minimum cost is 3k+ !!! 3k plus !!! It's expensive lol... My sister friend is apprentice, so i decided to asked my sister friend to help me :D
I think will more cheaper...but my sister friend said need to register 1st and then check how worst is my teeth, then they will put my folder into waiting list and random choose.. So need to wait again... but better then pay 3k plus lol !
Waiting my sister.............
My sister Extract teeth.. Scary !
I Saw my sister extract her teeth.. Look pain :S I still thinking want to do braces or not! Because my sister friend told me, if I want to do braces, I need to extract few teeth ! But I hate my ugly teeth, I want my teeth become neat !!!
After my sister done her teeth, we went back to Sg.Wang.. Think to went Uniqlo have a look. At last we don't, cause we know there's still a lot of people queuing ! After had our dinner, then back home. Thanks to my lovely sister to accompany me the whole day :D
She look so pity yesterday... she can't eat anything cause she extract her teeth and keep on bleeding !!