Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Training Day

Our management will conduct a Compulsory customer service training to all retail staffs.The email mention there, NO staff is allowed to off duty/ on leave on the scheduled training day. NO Excuses to be acceptable! My B is on Tuesday and I will be on Wednesday. Lucky is not on Monday, because Monday is my Off Day. Feel tired, after go for the training. Actually the training is for Sales satff, I'm not sale ok.. but boss said must 100% attendee. I siting there just like "Lebih", the trainer giving those questions like how do you stand while serve customer? How do you greet to customer? Don Not answer phone when serving customer! OMG! These are fundamental question..Of course they will answer u the correct one (In front of u lah).
1st things you have to know.. here is Low Yat Plaza, not KLCC or Pavilion.. there's many type of customer here. Everyone knows that customer is always right! Yes, But Low Yat got a lot of stupid customer lo, especially those foreigner customer. do you think you can smile with those customer who keep on bargain and bargain until the whole day, then tell you "can you make it faster? I'm rushing to the airport" I cannot !! The trainer will meet us on next week, he said if we're still cannot improve ourself, he will go for another 3 weeks training! Damn ! I hope they can do it! if not, I need to wake up early 2 days in a weeks. After the training, My B bought me Subway Breakfast, Nom Nom..back to work now..
My Subway Breakfast !