Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st of July

1st Of July
Everyone should be very happy ( I think lah ) bcos most of the people already get their salary. Everyone ready to shopping :)
Last month i had ordered three pairs of shoes on internet, today i ordered another three pairs of shoes. One is for my sister! I know I'm crazy,
but I Love shoe :) Especially Loafer ♥

How good if i rich like Bill Gates lol... I can buy what i want ! Sometimes I wonder, human being in this world is indebted! Monthly salary must get back to bank. Car loan, house loan, credit card, electric & water bill etc... everything need to pay! Sometime to the end of the month, have no extra money to save, what a bad bad thing! Coupled with current economic.. really short of money!! Can somebody tell me how to earn more money?