Saturday, August 25, 2007

Two times Thirty Five...

...equals two years of Bar35.

Remember when Gelareh opened her spot? She just called it the address...only a cooler way. Thirtyninehotel. 39 Hotel Street. Well Dave Stewart knows a good idea when he sees one, and along comes even more options for the scensters that dwell in Chinatown with the addition of Bar35. TWO years we're celebrating that venture. Tonight. I'll be there at 7pm to gulp down those yummy raspberry beers before the opening night of the Honolulu Symphony. Sarah Chang is gonna KILL it on that Sibelius, but I have to admit I'm really looking forward to the Wagner. He knows what's up as far as brass and percussion. I totally remember actually getting numb from so much chicken skin playing his that damn Tannhauser Overture. Ya, his full operas were pretty cool too. If you're in to that. I mean. The Flying Dutchman. Come on.

Here's some other Saturday picks, paying special attention to the barely legals. They gotta party too.

First, a special guest DJ at Thirtyninehotel. Saturdays there are fun.

Some barely legal options:

WHAT!? A myspace party here again? Interesting. It won't be as fun as the ones I got to help host. But I'm sure there's still people out there that are stoked on Tom.

And finally, Miss Lisa Shaw is at Lotus tonight. That's worth trying to stay up.