Thursday, August 2, 2007

So Yesterday...

...was try something new day. Did a double smackdown on that starting with lunch at the new I Love Sushi in Kaimuki with Kalima. Uhhhh. That sparseness on the belt was because we were the only ones in there. I think that gap is what we wolfed down 2 seconds after we sat down. There is something about instant gratification, especially when it's mixed with food. Oh man.

The second new thing? Oh, trying to take video. I'm no iJustine but here's the banger from last night's fashion show. Models! Don't be in such a hurry to get off the runway. That last pose before stepping down MATTERS :)

Ok. I promise no more of these unless they are good. :)

TONIGHT. Oh man. I already talked about tonight on Tuesday. I've seen Jake every night this week and he is pretty hyped for tonight. For the love people. He's got this amazing act that is going retro style (um, that's 90's to some of us) with the hip hop and live art. Think Tribe-- like that early to mid decade boom bap era. Oh... and fashion shows. Fashion!

Don't not go. The last one was epic. So much love in the room.