Thursday, August 9, 2007

Not like... door like the place next to your place. Like, Next Door the spot at 43 N Hotel Street in the heart of Chinatown. It's made a huge impact in this little town since it first opened and a major impact in my little world. Just a quick nosing around and i found that a lot lot LOT of memories have already been created and archived since its opening in 2005. Some of the best underground hip hop acts I've ever seen and even some major ones like Blackaliscous and Kool Herc. Matt Costa TWICE. Local people that I can't get enough of like Paula Fuga and the delicious Makana. Stuff like Cinema Paradise. Skate video premieres. Make outs. Private parties. Public parties. Urban Pacific. Smart bar. Discussions. Acid Wash.... I mean DAMN. Hard to even believe it's just TWO years old. Well, we're obviously going to join in the celebration all through this weekend.

So ya, come join the celebration. Tonight is a special fashion show by Dan and there's stuff happening all weekend.

Thank you for existing. Serious.
Love, Christa