Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celebrity Status....

...well not really. I really just wanted to mention that the SPICE GIRLS are getting back together!!!! Can you believe it! Zig a zig ah! More on that, um, someday.

What else.... we drove by the place that had my van parked outside today. I guess I'll go ahead and tell the entire heartbreaking story. See... it involved something super. A super beetle. A 1971 super beetle. A 1971 SEA FOAM GREEN super beetle. I loved that car.

So ya... it was the best car in the whole world and I loved it to pieces for ever and ever until the day it didn't go. That's always the worst isn't it? Damn. GO car. ugh... So the guy that was nice enough to tow it for me and attempt a repair told me while avoiding my tear soaked eyes that it was going to need a new engine... but that's when I looked up and saw the larger, newer, more practical vehicle there pretty much smiling down at me. It's not the first VW Camper I had driven, and I really missed the upright stance you have when you're driving a bus with the wheel horizontal in your lap. It's so fun! I begged him to let me buy it. Which he did... at a reduced rate since I gave him my beloved super beetle to restore for his daughter. AW!

I immediately went to work letting my girl scout troop loose on it having "Craft Day" on the interior and turning it into a driving wonderland of fun and amazement. If you know anything about these vehicles, you know they are fully equipped to house 4 people comfortably in one of two convertible beds. There is also the card table fold-out option that works well at Sandy Beach for playing cards inside when it gets too hot [big John knows!], and the back couch was the perfect size for Hankie to watch the water or nap on. See below.

You can imagine why/how it was slightly upsetting seeing my car that I traded away for a computer, a PC even, because I had evil hybrid in the picture giving me all this false hope for my car future. Now, two days after evil hybrid has finally kicked the bucket for good I see the van that I loved so much just sitting there on Queen street with a fresh coat of paint.

Hold on to what you can people, and definitely let some things go.... but DAMN it make sure you know which is which!

ALSO: Happy Birthday Ara! Everyone is going to be in Chinatown tonight. GO! Acid Wash people!!