Friday, June 22, 2007

We found out what was making everyone crazy...

..duh, Summer Solstice!
Why NOT blame the axis of the earth and its witchy ways for some of the stuff that's been happening around here. What now since we all are wearing clothes and driving cars we can duke it out with 5.9736×1024 [to the 24th power] pounds of spinning mass? Ok. Cool.

I should elaborate but just tell me if you've noticed an energy as of late. Good or bad-- just a bit more energy that you've experienced since December. The Winter energy is probably masked by the whirlwind of goodbad during the holidays and such. I'll tell you it was a conversation last night that many people jumped in on and agreed with immediately. Speaking of last night I am already done with the shots and they will be up today. Kalima was there too so don't worry if you couldn't make it down. If you WERE there tho... how was that ROOM! There was a lot of excitement and positive energy in there for sure. Shit man. I'll go ahead and say it was one of the better nights I've ever seen in that space.... and that's why I'm gonna work overtime to show you. Um. Later.

PS: I was born on the Winter Solstice. Does that have anything to do with anything?

What doing tonight? I'm getting back to my original fetish which includes a particular DJ from Japan on island right now. Straight from Rappongi the smooth groovy DJ Nori. Hello....

Also have some drinks waiting upstairs at Mad Dog Saloon. Ya, Mad Dog the owner of the former Doghouse. Ya the Mad Dog saloon across from the old Deja Vu. Have you SEEN that place since they opened? Woah.