Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Car for Bike. Anyone?

So anyone who wants to trade... I have a 2000 hybrid honda with an expired safety check/registration and a 64x2 dual processor pc that I'll hand over for a BIKE and a MAC. Please e-mail me.

Tuesdays are special here. You already know this I think. At the risk of repeating myself every Tuesday about Thirtyninehotel and Next Door I'll touch on something different.... Honolulu Magazine's Photo Contest.

It's the 3rd one and the entries are getting more and more pro but YOU DO have a shot! The prize? Oh. Publication in their magazine and cash UP TO $500. Not the greatest incentive for pros but it would certainly look nice on a beginner's rez.

Full rules and info here.

If you're looking for Tuesday event info check dosomethingtonight they have it on lock for now. AND if you're looking for scoops on last night's bowling adventures check kalima. Mine will be around someday. *yawn*