Friday, September 9, 2011

adam saaks designs

Charmain tag me in one of the video post of Adam Saaks.
He is really good in cutting & designing T-Shirt. really some art!
Look at the pictures, see how he cut and tie those together
to create a great effect!
But it's really quite exposing eh?
Don't think any Asians would wear like that though...
Maybe to the beach ...
However, really need good body shape to wear such shirt.

I like those with designs behind though,
I find those more sexy.
In front ones are too expose lah...
Maybe it'll be hot on those with better shape..
but those with back designs can be worn by anyone
no matter what shape you're in.
But one thing i kept thinking was,
if he just cut the shirt like that, how long will the shirt last??
Kinda risky getting an expensive Tees from Edhardy and let him cut like that.
I think these shirts are really pretty,
but it kinda take guts to wear it out.

I think, if i am going to wear it....
I'm gonna wear a tube or spaghetti inside that
contrast the colour of the t-shirt.
i'm not so adventurous or daring...
or let's just say, not liking to expose that much.