Friday, July 1, 2011

Wear what you are Comfortable Wearing

Today Quotes:

Wear what you're comfortable wearing, not what others follow. And the most important thing is that one should wear clothes that suit one's.

Although I'm not really understand what is FASHION, but i know the most important is "Wear what you are comfortable wearing". Of course, should wear somethings that suit you! I don't mind that the clothes is RM25, RM10, shorts with tank top or high street.. as long as is comfortable and suit me :)

Recently always see people write on Facebook status, "talk about how Malaysia people dress up like, why Malaysia people like to wear shorts with a MNG tank top everyday, why Malaysia people can pay for the 2k+ Burberry bag but wear RM25 clothes bla bla bla.." They really think they know Fashion very well? Why want to criticism people like that?? Everyone has their own dress up style pls.. In Malaysia, most of the people like to follow trend.. so you can see everyone wearing the same thing and using the same bag. For example: Cotton On, Zara, MNG, Banana Taipei, Longchamp, Burberry, LV, Gucci etc...

Frankly speaking, sometimes I will buy RM25 clothes which is nice. Of course if you see the clothes in cost RM89.00 to RM150.00 design is similar like high street brand like Zara or Topshop, would you buy from sg. wang

or buy from those high street brand?? For me is whatever lah... Please don't criticism people how they wear, what they wear and what they use, people didn't offended you, what you wear and what you like doesn't mean everyone have follow or like! Mind your own business please..

Have a nice day yay :D