Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Double Sided Eyelid Tape

I'm selling Double sided eyelid tape now. These eyelid tape have stickiness on both side of the tape and it is invisible. It can achieve the double eyelid without the appearance of the eyelid tape. Suitable to use anytime. Highly recommended for make up people, guys also can use :)

I have mono eyelids, think to have double eyelid surgery for so long. But boyfriend not allowed ! I used to try a lots of double eyelid tape and glue, those tapes are able to create a perfect shape of double lids, but somehow looks unnatural. It's so obvious that everybody knows I'm wearing double eyelid tape, without looking close to my eyes. My younger sister used the traditional double eyelid tape for 2 years+, now she don't need any eyelid stickers, but she got her natural double eyelid. But Imma lazy women, I can't wake up early in the morning just to stick the double eyelid sticker :D

Until now, I found this Double sided eyelid tape from website. I'm using this right now.. it is better then compared with traditional double eyelid stickers. It will look more natural.

This is how the double sided eyelid tape look like !
How to apply double sided eyelid tape

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