Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY your own sandals ♥

Update :)
My different design sandals... Love it so much :D

Imma shoes lover, but too bad my leg are too small... I only can fit in size 3 or size 4 :(
Now I'm going to DIY my own sandals. I think to make my own sandals for so long.. I saw some DIY shoes book at Kinokuniya, but I can't find any store are selling soles and those shoes material in Malaysia... I tried to search on google and I found this blog

Okey, back to the topic :D

-Flip flops
-Heavy Duty Waterproof glue
-Craft knife
-Black elastic (You can buy elastic in all colours and wide, but i think in Malaysia only available in white and black, and also you can use other materials for example: Fabric or leather)
-Clamps or heavy books

Step 1
-Cut the rubber bits at the point where they come through the sole.

Step 2
Measure and make 2 horizontal slits on each side of the the foam sole of your flip flop.

Step 3
Use Craft Knife to cut off the place that you want. Since I'm using elastic, it would be ticker then fabric.. So I will cut it deeper.. to avoid it easy broken.
After cut off, it would be like this

Step 4
Apply heavy duty waterproof glue and then put in the black elastic into the incision.
I choosed to use 1 inch elastic .. you can use whatever you like :)

you can also make other different type of sandals
for example:
Easy right?

After you've done everything, glue the strips in place again..following the direction for the glue you are using. Make sure you're using Heavy Duty Waterproof Glue yay... it can last long :D
If you still worried it will break, you can add a little work to stitch them up..the last step you need to do is...Clamp together and wait an hour or two, until the glue is really dry. You've done it.

Tadaa... This is what I've done !!
Before & After

Love it so much <3
Last Pic :)