Sunday, September 5, 2010

Visit my Cousin Frederic & His girlfriend Hanna

Sunday family Day :) long time didn't spent time with my family on Sunday...because my off day is on Monday. Kinda enjoyed my day... My daddy & Mommy decided to eat "Dim Sum". So we have to woke up in the early morning...I miss the "Dim Sum" actually. I have no chance to eat "Dim Sun" at KL, cause I always spent my time to sleep...LOL! After Finished our dim sum, we went home to prepared.. cause we are going to attend to my sister friends Hair & Beauty shop grand opening...Didn't take any pictures... we just went there awhile.. Afterward we went to my Aunt house to visit my Cousin & Cousin girlfriend :)
Frederic & Hanna

They vacation in Malaysia for 2 weeks. We have not seen each other for 10 years.. Remember 10 years ago Frederic and his sister Nina & Denise came to Malaysia together.. I was only 15, 16 years old if not mistaken. Nina & Denise had been to Malaysia when I was 20 years old..Blink of an eye all grow up. He's going to marry soon.. Congratulation Frederic & Hanna! Since Frederic told us, the flight ticket was so expensive, so this time they came back for 2 weeks, they don't know when will be back again. We are quite looking forward to Nina & Denise come to Malaysia :) Frederic will back to Germany this Friday, too bad I cannot sent them to airport..
Chin's Family
Daddy & Frederic
Frederic & Tiff sister
Frederic & Eve 2nd sister
Frederic & Me

6pm, is time to dinner.. We went to Old Klang Road. Mummy and Daddy said there's a very tasty fish head restaurant there.. i haven't been there before, my elder sister said it is tasty and it is cheap. Daddy ordered Asam Fish Head and some other food, Nom Nom !!

Old Pics