Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet my Milo Ice

Yeah, my dearest friends is back from Singapore! We meet up on Wednesday night :)
After off work, Connie and me are waiting Milo to came over low yat, cos Milo had her dinner with her family.
Then Connie bring us to Taman Desa, she told us there's a Pool Competition at Taman Desa Studio Bistro. Nothing special on that day, I first time came to this Bistro, and once I reached they only told me this is L Bistro :D

Another thing is, I got my Cath Kidston Brunch Flower Box Bag :)
Thank You Milo

The next day is Holiday yay! Is Today :D My B off Today, I'm Jealous !!! So Today I want to be Cobra King! Connie and Milo plan to go Fahrenheit 88! Me and my B went to Fahrenheit 88 at first, just to walk and see how it is..Thought Uniqlo already open, but it is not open yet ! Uniqlo will open on November. There's 60% of the stores have been opened! But We can't found any Restaurant at Fahrenheit, only Sushi Zanmai.
So we to walked to Pavilion. My B don't want to eat Japanese food, He want to eat Spaghetti and beer!
Conclusion is... we went to La Bodega :) We try to called Runice as well, today is her off day..
Is Chat time yeah! Took some pictures :D

Runice & My B Busy playing their phone camera !

Me & Milo
Me & Milo

7pm, is dinner time... We went to Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant to have our dinner.. but Milo and Connie didn't join us. 3 of us enjoyed our holiday at there..Long time didn't hang out like this! Cause we off on different day...Feel Satisfied :)