Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Leave

Saturday Leave,
Yesterday took leave is go to Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. There's few brand here,
Estee Lauder, Aramis, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC & Origins.
We woke up at 5am early morning, because my sister went to this fair last year, she said those people are crazy with this fair, everything is cheap and price is start from RM30-RM200+. Some people will queue there at 4am mayb... We had our breakfast at Taman Midah Old Town until 6am. When we reached there, I was like WOW!! Because I 1st time went to this kind of fair, the queue was so so so so so long !! From the Grand ball room queue until behind the Hotel...I saw few of my friends there.. they start queue there around 6am...but they still need to wait for the long long queue... so i think those people are overnight in front the Grand ball room until the door opened...
Our turn to go in shop, pack like hell... everyone Mad in shopping! I wanted to buy eyeliner and somethings about eye care.. but when it's our turned, eyeliner is out of stock! The fastest sold out product is Estee Lauder... when i go to Estee Lauder counter, only left lip liner and those lipsticks...I don't use lipstick and lip liner :( So i went to Bobbi Brown & MAC counter..I just bought 4 eyebrow pencil..Actually those Fragrance are so cheap, 1 set cost RM90-RM150 only. But I don't like the smell...On that day.. I keep on F F F only.. because those people like " 买唔切 " keep on push push push and bump people. Especially "those" people !! Me and my younger sister are too tiny, so if the BIG Size people stand in front or behind us, they will used their BIG Size body to bump us...and we both gave people step by high heel OMG! kinda pity right? LOL! I swear, next year if I come to this fair, I'll wear Dr.Martens shoes... We stay there until 10am+, we are too tired ady, so we went back continue slept. I slept until 3pm.. then chit chat with my family bla bla bla... around 7pm, we went to Empire Shopping Gallary to had our dinner, we ate at El Fresco Italian Restaurant.
Daddy, Mommy, Naughty boy, Sister and me
Elder sis, Mommy, Naughty Boy, Sis and Me
Our Drinks
Daddy Ordered Filleto Con Funghi
(Grilled sirloin beef with a creamy mushroom sause)
Mommy and sister Ordered Fettucinne alla Cabonara
(Flat pasta with smoked chicken and mushroom in creamy parmesan sause)
Pizza alla siciliana for Naughty Boy
(Turkey Ham, Mushroom, Capsicum, Tomato and Mozzarella cheese)
Me and my elder sis ordered Pesce con oliva
(Grilled fish fillet topped with tomato and olives)
Nom Nom!!

And one more thing is...Finnaly my shoe arrived ! Love it !
-The End-