Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup The Final Match

The end of the FIFA World Cup 2010 season is here and all the fans are eagerly waiting to see the winner of the trophy. Yes, Today is World Cup final match, Spain VS Netherlands. Me and my friends intend to watch outside. My younger sister and her friend join us too..
Actually I thought to watch at The Curve, but my friends wanted to watch at Jaya One. When we reached there, all the tables and chairs have been reserved! Some people bring their own chair too. Lucky, my friends have helped us to reserved some chairs...
before World Cup start...
Diana & Venus
See... so many people
Shiroi and Kiff
My B with his VUVUZELA ( My Boss bought it from South Africa )
I don't like to watch football actually, but World Cup is once every 4 years, so i decided to go with the bunch! The match for today quite board, the general consensus is that Spain has played the better football in this World Cup 2010, while the Netherlands has been more effective. The whole night I was like Fxxk Fxxk Fxxk...non stop !! because of the referee. He keep on giving yellow card in the short time. Frankly speakin: Spain just like actor, the whole night i was so board, just to see Spain how to be actor, like David Villa and Torres. They wan attention from the referee then pretend fall down and lie down there make face, SO UGLY!! Sien lahh, 1st half still 0-0, I rather sleep at home. I thought it would be more exciting for 2nd half, how to know...they didn't score a goal until the last additional 5 Minutes extra time. We thought they will kick the penalty game. After few minutes, SPAIN GOALS!! Ok, Congratulations to SPAIN! (Reluctantly lol) Of course, Although Netherlands loose ady, but I still think that Netherlands did the best one!

After finished the World Cup Final, already 5:30am. It's time to sleep...I promise my B will accompany him go IKEA later, so I slept until 12:30pm. The we went to The Curve at first, to had our lunch at Sakae Sushi. Then we just walk around at IKEA. We are so tired so walk until 5pm. Nothings special for today.
2 Mouses follow us back.. I Bubu!