Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going Green with The Rapture 31th July 2010

Finally.. The Rapture Live in Kuala Lumpur.
We went there after off work, it was JAM JAM JAM and raining yesterday, I haven't eat my dinner yet. we reached there almost 11pm. My bunch of friends are waiting us to collect the ticket. The Rapture will perform at 11:30pm , so me and my B went to the mamak had our supper. Yesterday was a great night, everyone was crazy that night... party animal yeah...
Here's are some pictures for yesterday

Luke Jenner (Vocal & Guitar)
The Rapture (Band)
Gabriel Andruzzi (Keyboards, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, percussion & Vocals)
Kate with her friends (I forgot what's her name)
Party Animal
My Outfits
Edward & Shawn
Venus & Sam
MC & Me
MC & My B
Fanny & Peas
Kate & Elaine

After The Rapture, is Litterall ... although yesterday was a great night, but I just enjoyed when The Rapture performed. I try to continue... But I can't make it. I stand there awhile and i felt uncomfortable.. I felt a little bit difficulty breathing, I ask my B to accompany me sat outside, after few minutes, the same feeling come to me again... ( feel like want to Vomit, difficult breath, cold sweats ). I lay on the table and all my friends saw me, they tot i was drunk last night. I didn't drink much, Just 1 bottle YES !! All my friends said my face look so sick ( White face blue lips ). I think I should go for body check up or I'm gettin OLD?? ...cannot enjoy this kind of activities...

Here's few pictures for Litterall

And The Rapture Video here :)
-The End-