Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Monday Is me and my B off day, Me and my B went to lah lah land had his haircut. After that, they suddenly said Genting has hair show on Tuesday. They will be there too, cos they have free room and free tickets for the Lo'real Hair Show. They ask us to join them. We think for so long, and finally we decided to go. They went there on Tuesday morning, but me and my B need to work on Tuesday, so we went there after off work, around 10pm. We reached there around 11pm++.
The next day,
Actually Genting nothing to play, we didn't go into Them park. We just walk around...just to enjoy the weather. But yesterday raining, so we just find a place to sit down had our brunch and chit chat.. I ate so many things in Genting before, those Chinese Restaurant are not tasty..Especially their chicken. Yucks!!
only took a few photos
Since we have to wait for Diana and Leo, so we just walk around at 1st World Plaza.
Me and Venus are buying soft drink at Marrybrown, actually Elaine and me saw the drumstick, the picture attracted us, we think to eat, but when we ask who want to eat.. no one want to eat ! So we just continue to walk !
Walk again...
Smoking time...
Me and Dee
Elain and Kate
after we checked out, waiting Sun at the carpark...
and this is what i bought at Genting 1st world plaza...It's Candy and mini Pu Pu Din Din.. lol
My B bought The Cigarette candy, he thought exactly same like Cigarette, how to know inside is just a normal candy... and the candy's not nice..haha