Friday, May 8, 2009

Farewell With Jasper (Bek Yoke)

Farewell With Jasper 6th May 2009

Kenneth, Hong, Boy, JASPER, Weng & How

Weng, Hong, JASPER, Beh, Calvin, Kenneth

Digital Stuff & Digital Mall Gang

Quite happy on that day, all of the "Digital Stuff" colleague and the past colleague who transfer to "Digital Mall" is attend to farewell with "JASPER"(Bek Yoke). First we intend to farewell with "JASPER"(Bek Yoke) at Yaki Yaki Japanese Restaurant, but Yaki Yaki cannot stay too long, so we choose to went Ulik had steamboat. Eveyone will miss "JASPER"(Bek Yoke) so much, of course "JASPER"(Bek Yoke) will miss us too...hahaha! :)