Monday, April 27, 2009


In the Morning, my manager bought a cup of "Teh Tarik". After he finish drinking the "Teh Tarik" he go buy another pack of "liong Sui" (Herbal Tea) cause the "liong Sui" plastic is so sticky, so he use the "Teh Tarik" plastic bag and put the "liong Sui" in to the plastic. When he take out the plastic, He saw a disgusting thing inside the "Teh Tarik". (Nausea)

Obvious? B
ut he finish the whole cup!
After i finish working, i walk to pavilion. Because I have to wait for my boyfriend off work, so I went to pavilion shopping. haha... actually i went to pavilion is finding some stuff, but cant found what i want... i just bought a top and a sandal. Time is almost up, so i headed back to Time Square, when i on the way headed back to time square, i saw a weird things nearby Maybank. But quite funny... haha...i saw a "
midget" sitting there, he sprayed himslf in silver colour.The funny thing is he sat there without any reaction, like a dummy. Everyone hesitation, it that real one or fake one???

See? He's funny, really look like a dummy!