Monday, August 20, 2007

Wanna Listen?

My taste in music rules. I mean, if you're in to cheesy top 40 slightly alternative, heavily nostalgic sort of stuff. I usually get turned on to what I'm listening to by friends but if there's something I love it stays in the mix. Like, forever.
Anyway, Carlos turned me on to seeqpod and I'm hooked. I save a list for every day and it's actually possible to share it with you. Now listen! No making fun. You love what you love and I love what I love. I'm banking that you'll love what I love tho. Nothing too crazy underground for a Monday. Some good stuff tho, and hopefully stuff you recognize for the most part.

HERE is the playlist. You can totally listen to it online. No downloading. Just play it man. It will coast you through the rest of your Monday for reals. Feel free to randomize it. LISTEN tho.

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