Thursday, July 26, 2007


Woah I just noticed it's already almost 2pm and no daily update from me. I spent all morning at the HAB training sesh (yes, it was amazing thanks!) and all of my lunch lurking Amy kellner's summer of okayness. Oopsies!

Well! It's not like there isn't anything of note tonight. You already know the deal right. RIGHT? Thursday. THURSDAY! It's totally Thursday. That's the day before Friday. Check with the green hornets at DoSomethingTonight for a list of every possible thing if you're looking for do-able options. I think I'm gonna get cozy with Netflix before the weekend. It's been too long. My poor poor poor stale queue. It hasn't moved since last month. I actually had to downgrade my membership from the 4 per month (i.e. LOSER!) to the 2 per month (i.e. a little bit of a life). Rad.

WAIT! one more thing! Thanks for introducing yourself to me a Valerie Joseph, Shelly. It's rad that you read me even tho we hadn't met before. That means the world to me. To the other people that do that too-- never stop! It matters.