Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday. FIRST Friday equals...!
I'm serious. You thought I was going to say Art Walk didn't you! Well that's totally happening tonight too but I was actually going to mention the new First Fashion Friday kicking off today at noon. Walk over to Aloha Tower and have lunch. they're claiming the re-emergence of style, I'm claiming it's FREE.

Later tonight after you check out all of the galleries (Thirtyninehotel is debuting some killer metro Manila stuff GO THERE) it's best if you wind up at Soundhouse. It's no secret that they are closing down very soon so this is one of the last chances you will have to get down and dirty at the Enterprise dancedancedancefunfun party. It's a crazy good time and you know this. Come as you are. Just wear comfortable shoes.

OH!! AND if you see a tall Chinese guy walking around with a camera on his hat, say hello and introduce yourself to the Internet. He livestreams 24/7 on there. Most of all, show him that Aloha Spirit that you showed me when I first got here that made me never want to leave ever ever not even for vacations. Mahalo!