Thursday, July 12, 2007


What the! Last night? What happened! Lol. It went from a classy pau hana at the Listening Party with Lia Sophia jewelry to crazy crazy crazy. I left my gift bag in the Hanohano room, Flash was drunk by 5:30p, and my boss isn't even in yet. Haw haw.

Listen! The girls have all been talking about doing a private clothing swap for a while now. Just bring the stuff we don't wear and trade it for something we would. Speaking of, why is it that other people's stuff is always more interesting than your own? Haw haw... have you ever peeked through your girlfriend's makeup? How many sparkle creams does someone really need? And why do I always feel like I have to have all of them! Ahhh.

Ok ok ok back to my point. You already know this weekend is the Fashionista's Market. The back to school clearance that's gonna get you some crazy hot designer stuff for really cheap. They moved it to the Japanese Cultural Center where there's WAY more room [no line for the fitting room anymore! woo!] and they have some new samples from Frankie B. Woo! Well also while you're there you can pay $25 for a ticket to their FIRST clothing exchange event. This is gonna be rad. You bring a pile of the clothes you just don't wear anymore and then have lunch [included]. After lunch and whatever complimentary spa service you get ALL the clothes that have been brought-ed will be out for you to take WHATEVER you want! What! For $25 you get to totally refresh your wardrobe.... your life even, haw haw. I'm so excited.

We're still gonna do our private one but I'm really excited for this one. You're gonna LOVE the clothes I been neglecting too. Hella tags hella designers.... dayum.

What: FM Back To School Clearance Sale
When: Saturday July 14, 2007
Time: 10:00 am-2:00 pm
Place: Japanese Cultural Center (2454 S. Beretania St. / Across from Star Market Moilili)
Details: Save the date for our once a year "Back-To-School Clearance" sale! Here's your last chance of the Summer to catch Hawaii's premiere designer sample sale event. We're slashing prices so you can look designer fabulous on your first day of school! Admission: $3 FM members / $7 non-members.