Thursday, July 12, 2007

Everyone is talking about ....
...and there's a reason why. Quadmag has been around longer than any nightlife website in hawaii. back before any social network there were these things called fourms. threads man. that's hella old school.

but if you're reading this then you know how far we've come as far as interacting with each other in our underwear via spaces where you can portray yourself as whoever you want to be.

[ten with ted. uber talent face off. by lacycam.]

so ya as far as hawaii is concerned, ten is a pioneer... and he's celebrating hardcore this saturday. it's the 10th anniversary of

It's a fundraiser so budget out some of your hookers and support the guy who's brought Honolulu's nightlife community together for a decade. It's only $10 man. Paula Fuga is performing. Jamal is hosting. It's going to be epic.