Thursday, June 21, 2007

Listen You Do!

Ok ok ok maybe you don't. All I'm saying is there were HELLA people out last night. Such that I got this instant rush of energy that carried me effortlessly from Hanohano's pau hana to Mercury bar to Bar 35 to Next Door before I finally gave in to the lack of downtime I've been experiencing lately.
Good job, Honolulu!
Not like the Hanohano room was at capacity a mere hour after kicking off had anything to do with me posting the photos of how rad it is, or mentioning that I'm going there. Same with the funfunfuncrazydanceawesomeness 80s gig at Next Door on Wednesdays. I didn't see hoards of familiar faces so I'm totally assuming it's just a coincidence. BUT! There have been a few of you introducing yourself and admitting you lurk, which means the world to me. Truly. YOU GUYS. I just want to say thanks. I'm not trying to step on any toes in this town. It's a lovely place with lovely people and it all deserves to be shared. The fact that anyone beyond my crew can be entertained by the things I talk about and show is one of the reasons I haven't stopped and probably never will.