Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In keeping with "Different Week"...

...I'll go ahead and mention the "Different" thing we're doing this weekend.
So you've heard me mention Chris Kalima, like, oh a million times already. He is kind of known around these parts as the dude that gets [cool] shit done. The list of projects is long but just trust me on this... the guy is friggin epic.

His latest activity is nothing to be afraid of... just 48 or so people having a rather large picnic with superduperfun games. Olympic games. For $25 you are taken care of completely by Kalima himself and get to meet all sorts of new and interesting people that may or may not already be in cahoots with this extraordinary dude.
The teams are randomly put together so this is really an opportunity to have a lot of fun, if meeting people is fun to you. There will be PLENTY of beer so just in case you're shy you might... not be.
GAMES people. Games in the park. With beer. and Kalima. He's actually opened this up to anyone that wants to play so I highly suggest grabbing one of the 12 spots that are left.
SIGN UP. I'm playing.

Continuing on with "Different Week" we're going to the wine club tonight to see Cass and try stuff and act like we know what we're doing. That should be fun. Tomorrow is ice skating as you know. I'll keep you posted. It's fun to be different sometimes. We'll see...